Shop for a Cool Down Kit

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*Disclaimer, these carefully chosen tool kits are not a “cure” for specific diagnoses, they are tools to help reduce symptoms.


Bread and Butter // basics // $34.99

Not sure what your sensory needs are? Desire a more basic kit? Then Bread and Butter is for you. Get a sampling of pieces at a more moderate price.




Cool as a Cucumber // breathing // $44.99

Do you find that asking your child to take a deep breath only further aggravates them? Then this is the kit for you! Items in this kit require deep breathing in order for them to work.




Hot Potato // anger // $44.99

Does your child tense their muscles, give glaring looks, blame others, yell, or destroy property when upset?  This kit is full of tools that provide joint compression, muscle release, and proprioceptive input – teaching them how to manage their anger in ways that are acceptable in society.




One Smart Cookie // fidgets // $44.99

Does your child have difficulty sustaining attention, susceptibility to distraction, and gives the impression that they aren’t really listening?  This kit provides much needed sensory input and movement to increase on-task behaviors and improve impulse control.




Sweet as Honey // sensory // $44.99

Is your child sensitive to loud noises, the feel of a tag on their skin, and overwhelmed in busy environments?  Although we cannot control the environmental stimuli, we can provide tools that provide calming sensory input to relax 4 out of 5 of their senses.




The Whole Enchilada // variety // $49.99

Did you like a little bit of everything you saw? Different sensory needs depending on the day? Well, the Whole Enchilada kit is for you. It encompasses a bit of everything.




Use Your Noodle // school friendly // $44.99

Worried that a cool down kit would be too disruptive in school?  This kit is for your child!  All of these items are teacher tested and approved, coming with an introduction letter for helpful implementation in the classroom with minimal distractions.




Walking on Eggshells // stress // $44.99

Is your child experiencing excessive worry, irritability, and catastrophizing situations?  Maybe their heart rate is increased, their body is shaking, and they are feeling nauseous?  These tools help stabilize their anxiety level and increase their ability to function through soothing movements.




Cream of the Crop

Cream of the Crop // customize // $54.99

Didn’t find exactly the kit you want? We’d love to work with you to create the kit that will serve you best.