Parent Testimonials

“We sought out help from Jaclyn Sepp because our three year old daughter was anxious and barely verbal around people outside of our immediate family.  Jaclyn worked with our child in the playroom over several months to build her comfort and confidence. Anxiety is no longer holding our child back from expressing herself and she is well-equipped to take on new challenges happily.”

“Jaclyn has been a lifesaver for my family.  Her ability to connect with children is amazing.  My child was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and she’s helped him (and us!) learn to cope with this major change.  Jaclyn is able to put children at ease and learn how to cope with difficult things.  This has made my child stronger and happier and I’m grateful!”

“Our daughter began to have problems in school and at home. A friend highly recommended Jaclyn as a way to understand more deeply what our daughter was going through, to help her understand these problems and then to translate that into an action plan to increase success at school and home. Jaclyn built an amazing relationship with our daughter and quickly gained a deep understanding of her unique personality and caringly worked with her to navigate the world in a more successful way. Jaclyn also worked with the the school and with us to teach us how to encourage success.”

“Jaclyn has the great ability to draw-out my daughter and get her to open up about challenges she’s facing at school and with friends.  She’s helped my daughter with tools to feel less anxious and more confident, something that my husband and I were really struggling to do.  I am grateful that my daughter has Jaclyn to talk to in addition to talking to me/my husband.”

“Jaclyn works gently and patiently to really hear what is going on with the child emotionally.  She has expertise in drawing out feelings, and then giving the child tools to better navigate her world.  My daughter enjoyed her one on one sessions with Jaclyn, and I saw her noticeably feel more calm – like she better understood her own feelings which were validated in therapy.  Jaclyn provides that safe place that is essential to therapeutic work.”