One Smart Cookie


One Smart Cookie // fidgets // $44.99


Does your child have difficulty sustaining attention, susceptibility to distraction, and gives the impression that they aren’t really listening?  This kit provides much needed sensory input and movement to increase on-task behaviors and improve impulse control.

Here’s what is included:

_DSC0067Tangle Jr. Spinner

If your child can’t stand sitting with idle hands, this is the perfect solution for waiting rooms and car rides alike. Fun and portable.  If you’re trying to get your child away from a tablet or phone, this is a great non-distruptive solution.  Tangles are meant to be taken apart, put back together, and used over and over so they’ve been made to the highest standards so you can get use after use out of them.


_DSC0092Fidget Cube

Relieves stress and anxiety for children. Twist, spin, click, push and roll with the Fidget Cube. A high-quality desk toy designed to help your child concentrate.



_DSC0117Snap and Click Fiddle

Snap & Click is durable plastic and can be twisted and clicked into an endless variety of shapes! Very soft clicking sounds accompany each twisting action. A great stress reliever at home or in the classroom.  24 links, 11″ long (when stretched in a straight line). Colors may vary from item pictured here.


_DSC0119U Fidget

Flip the tiles, fold the tiles, and create an endless variety of shapes with the U Fidget!  Keep restless hands busy and help learners focus.  21 multi-colored 2″ hinged triangles. When folded, U Fidget measures 2″ x 2″ x 2″.



_DSC0123Geo Twister Fiddle

A very satisfying fiddle that folds flat for travel, pops open for play. An endless array of shapes!  6″ diameter, durable plastic rainbow-colored rods connected by slightly elastic cords. Made to withstand lots of hands-on play.



_DSC0151Emoji Face Squeeze Ball

Have kids squeeze and take out their anger on these instead of hitting or pushing others.





Fidget Pencil Topper

Fascinating finger fidget for pencils in various styles. Finger fidgets are removable and reusable. Keeps your child’s mind engaged and fingers busy.